Presentations and Papers

  • Ariyanayagam, Mahendran - Fire Performance and Design of Load Bearing Light Gauge Steel Frame Walls Systems Exposed to Realistic Design Fires (PN 161)
    Audio Download (.wma, 17Mb)PDF Download (1.15Mb)
  • Ashby - Cost effective base isolation for houses, light commercial buildings and schools (PN 005)
    Audio Download (.wma, 16Mb)PDF Download (789kb)
  • Bae, Kim, Ahn - The application of innovative steel damping devices to building structures (PN 098)
    Audio Download (.wav, 87Mb)PDF Download (906kb)
  • Batchelar, Newcombe - Structures using hollow timber poles (PN 160)
    Audio Download (.wav, 125Mb)PDF Download (1Mb)
  • Beckett, Ciancio, Huebner, Cardell-Oliver - Sustainable and affordable rammed earth houses in Kalgoorlie (PN 113)
    Audio Download (.wav, 102Mb)PDF Download (749kb)
  • Bernasconi - Parametric studies in the design of large-scale hyperbolic paraboloid shell and Lattice Structures (PN 093)
    Audio Download (.wma, 17Mb)PDF Download (1.2Mb)
  • Bligh, Glasby - Development of Geopolymer Precast Floor panels for the Global Change Institute at University of Queensland (PN 037)
    Audio Download (.wav, 133Mb)PDF Download (326kb)
  • Bray - The Mambo Tema Case Study - Pro Bono Design and Construction of Bridges in Rural Tanzania (PN 140)
    Audio Download (.wav, 116Mb)PDF Download (5.6Mb)
  • Buxton, McVerry, Goded - Ground-motion maps based on recorded motions for the larger earthquakes in the Canterbury earthquake sequence (PN 103)
    Audio Download (.wma, 16Mb)PDF Download (1.6Mb)
  • Cable - Construction Methodology of The Shard of Glass in London
    Audio Download (.wma, 13Mb)
  • Cho - Slender precast wall panels Interacted with steel portal frames under eathquake loads (PN 170)
    Audio Download (.wma, 17Mb)PDF Download (557kb)
  • Corbett, Pino - Seismic bridge assessments on Auckland’s causeway upgrade (PN 081)
    Audio Download (.mp3, 48Mb)PDF Download (305kb)
  • Ferner, Beer, Yuen, McHattie - A pragmatic approach to seismic risk reduction for a portfolio of high-risk buildings (PN 115)
    Audio Download (.wav, 101Mb)PDF Download (348kb)
  • Firouzianhaji, Saleh, Samali - Non-linear finite element analysis of base plate connections used in industrial pallet racking structures (PN 066)
    Audio Download (.wma, 15Mb)PDF Download (1.1Mb)
  • Haritos, Heath, Gad, Wilson - Prequalification testing of temporary propping systems for tilt-up and precast Panels (PN 120)
    Audio Download (.wma, 29Mb)PDF Download (727kb)
  • Hasan, Vaghela, Yip, Chung - Shotcrete design for irrigation canal lining (PN 111)
    Audio Download (.wma, 14Mb)PDF Download (4.8Mb)
  • Heath, Gad - Guidelines for prequalification and design of post-installed and cast-in anchors in Australia (PN 118)
    Audio Download (.wav, 108Mb)PDF Download (1.1Mb)
  • Heywood, Pritchard, Shaw - Assessment of bridges challenging the structural engineering profession (PN 097)
    Audio Download (.mp3, 65Mb)PDF Download (546kb)
  • Ho, Fordyce - Safety in design - what does this mean to a structural engineer (PN 144)
    Audio Download (.wma, 14Mb)PDF Download (280kb)
  • Kahanek, Rosewitz - Performance of wine storage tanks - lessons from the earthquakes near Marlborough (PN 151)
    Audio Download (.wav, 76Mb)PDF Download (1.1Mb)
  • Keays - Design wind speeds for really temporary structures (PN 173)
    Audio Download (.wma, 15Mb)PDF Download (491kb)
  • Kelly, Watson, Thomson - Durability design of steel framing in residential and low-rise construction (PN 042)
    Audio Download (.wav, 78Mb)PDF Download (270kb)
  • Kivell, Aguas, Wessel, Khan, Brown - Implementation of displacement-based design philosophy for Bridges in a challenging seismic and geotechnical environment (PN 146)
    Audio Download (.wma, 14Mb)PDF Download (580kb)
  • Kulkarni, McCormack - Forensic engineering for a transmission line Failure (PN 089)
    Audio Download (.mp3, 43Mb)PDF Download (793kb)
  • Latham, Storey, Hodsdon - Rockhampton Roundhouse - Engineering Heritage Assessment (PN 041)
    Audio Download (.mp3, 55Mb)PDF Download (748kb)
  • Lilley, Winslade - Traffic-generated vibration of highway bridges (PN 017)
    Audio Download (.wma, 14Mb)PDF Download (1.5Mb)
  • Lin, Uma, Nayyerloo, Buxton, King - Engineering characterisation of building performance with detailed engineering evaluation (DEE) data from the Canterbury earthquakes (PN 112)
    Audio Download (.mp3, 49Mb)PDF Download (581kb)
  • Luu, O'Neil, Deng - Design of the counterfort retaining wall on the Barangaroo Headland Park Project, Sydney (PN 016)
    Audio Download (.wma, 18Mb)PDF Download (867kb)
  • MacRae, Chanchi, Yeow - Which structural system is best (PN 177)
    Audio Download (.wma, 18Mb)PDF Download (545kb)
  • Mahendran, Ariyanayagam, Keerthan - Fire resistance rating of light gauge steel frame walls exposed to realistic design fires (PN 162)
    Audio Download (.wav, 105Mb)PDF Download (694kb)
  • Mahendran, Keerthan, Narsey - Effects of realistic support conditions on the shear strength of hollow Flange Channel Beams (PN 133)
    Audio Download (.wma, 13Mb)PDF Download (1.5Mb)
  • Mashal, Palermo - Experimental testing of emulative and low damage fully precast concrete bridge in seismic regions (PN 031)
    Audio Download (.wav, 127Mb)PDF Download (3Mb)
  • Meriwether, Arnold, Wagner - Achieving worldwide code acceptance of FRP materials through durability and materials testing (PN 046)
    Audio Download (.wav, 95Mb)PDF Download (360kb)
  • Meriwether, Arnold, Wagner - An Innovative approach to retrofitting a beam-column connection using carbon FRP anchors and composite systems (PN 168)
    Audio Download (.mp3, 53Mb)PDF Download (560kb)
  • Ng, Syam - Proposed new product conformity requirements to ensure consistency with the calibration of phi factors in AS4100 and NZS3404 (PN 082)
    Audio Download (.wav, 123Mb)PDF Download (791kb)
  • Nguyen, Gad - Effect of fit-out and construction type on dynamic properties of floor systems under human excitations (PN 116)
    Audio Download (.wma, 20Mb)PDF Download (445kb)
  • Nixon, Andrews, Marshall - Design considerations of tubular connections - An example through the Singapore Sports Hub Nataional Stadium roof (PN 051)
    Audio Download (.mp3, 48Mb)PDF Download (849kb)
  • Oliver - Design of blast resistant buildings in an LNG processing plant (PN 106)
    Audio Download (.wav, 128Mb)PDF Download (487kb)
  • Rajabipour, Melchers - Structural and containment failure analysis of ductile steel pipes (PN 053)
    Audio Download (.wma, 14Mb)PDF Download (882kb)
  • Remennikov, Roche - New composite construction of beams combining steel T-section and RC flange (PN 131)
    Audio Download (.wav, 122Mb)PDF Download (685kb)
  • Remennikov, Uy - Experimental investigation of response of steel tubular columns to close range explosions (PN 129)
    Audio Download (.wma, 20Mb)PDF Download (735kb)
  • Roach - Assessment & maintenance of old structures
    Audio Download (.mp3, 15Mb)
  • Round - Al Bidda (Platinum) Tower, Doha (PN 087)
    Audio Download (.wav, 125Mb)PDF Download (588kb)
  • Sagar, De Silva, Setunge - Evaluation of aging reinforced concrete (R C) bridge girders (PN 073)
    Audio Download (.wav, 103Mb)PDF Download (549kb)
  • Saxey, Daniels - Characterisation of overstrength factors for buckling restrained braces (PN 179)
    Audio Download (.wma, 17Mb)PDF Download (851kb)
  • Scheibmair, Quenneville - The quick-connect moment connection for portal frame buildings - an introduction and case studies (PN 139)
    Audio Download (.wav, 95Mb)PDF Download (679kb)
  • Shahi, Lam, Gad, Saifullah, Wilson, Watson - Application of a new racking cyclic loading protocol on cold-formed Steel Framed Wall Panels (PN 021)
    Audio Download (.wav, 123Mb)PDF Download (411kb)
  • Sharpe, Stannard - Guidelines for building failure investigations (PN 025)
    Audio Download (.wma, 15Mb)PDF Download (298kb)
  • Saifullah, Gad, Shahi, Wilson, Lam, Watson – Ceiling Diaphragm Actions in Cold Formed Steel-framed Domestic Structures (PN 091)
    PDF Download (902kb)
  • Statton, Pattinson - Structural engineering and construction challenges for the Te Mihi Geothermal Power Station in New Zealand (PN 175)
    Audio Download (.wav, 104Mb)PDF Download (1Mb)
  • Tao - Refined finite element modelling of concrete-filled steel stub columns (PN 054)
    Audio Download (.wav, 101Mb)PDF Download (165kb)
  • Tao, Hassan - Finite element analysis of steel beam-CFST column joints with blind bolts (PN 056)
    Audio Download (.wav, 117Mb)PDF Download (411kb)
  • Taylor, Leitch, Barrett, Eden - Brookfield Place - safe design and construction of the building capitol (PN 135)
    Audio Download (.wma, 14Mb)PDF Download (5.6Mb)
  • Taylor, Leitch, Barrett, Eden - Brookfield Place, Perth (PN 136)
    Audio Download (.wav, 106Mb)PDF Download (2.3Mb)
  • Trowsdale, Carney, Boys - The Christchurch Arts Centre - heritage restoration project (PN 102)
    Audio Download (.mp3, 56Mb)PDF Download (1.2Mb)
  • Turley, Er, Morkaya - Project application of structural analysis, design and laboratory testing of a Complex Masonry Fascade (PN 060)
    Audio Download (.wav, 106Mb)PDF Download (901kb)
  • Uy, Hicks - Australian, New Zealand Standard for Composite Structures, ASNZS 2327 (PN 141)
    Audio Download (.wav, 115Mb)PDF Download (373kb)
  • Watson, Kelly, Bennetts, Leonard - Developing robust and economical solutions for buildings subject to bushfire attack (PN 040)
    Audio Download (.wma, 16Mb)PDF Download (1.8Mb)
  • Wessel, Clayton, Kivell, Khan - Non-linear soil-structure interaction of bridge foundations in highly seismic regions (PN 038)
    Audio Download (.wma, 16Mb)PDF Download (722kb)
  • Wise, Smith - Design and construction of the south road superway (PN 039)
    Audio Download (.wma, 16Mb)
  • Wu - Advanced Seismic Analysis Methods and their Application to Earthquake Damaged Tall Building Repair and Strengthening Design (PN 149)
    Audio Download (.wav, 105Mb)PDF Download (2.6Mb)
  • Zarnani, Quenneville - New design approach for timber connections controlling both fastener and wood capacities (PN 159)
    Audio Download (.wma, 12Mb)PDF Download (1.3Mb)

Keynote Speaker

  • Founder and Chairman of the Robert Bird Group - Robert Bird, BEng FIEAust CPEng NPER
    Audio Download (.wav, 438Mb)

Guest Speaker

  • Tim Ibell FREng CEng BSc(Eng) PhD FIStructE MICE FHEA, University of Bath, UK
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